Cap Intro

We maintain active cap introduction relationships with a select number of managers in both the liquid alt & long-only space.

 These relationships can be summarized as follows:


CTAs or Commodity Trading Advisors profit from both intermediate and long-term trends in the futures markets.  CTAs are regulated by the NFA in the US and often by the FCA in the UK.

CTA strategies are intended to enhance the overall portfolio returns of a traditional 60-40 stock and bond portfolio. This goal is achieved through improvements in the downside capture. CTAs provided tail risk protection both in 2022 and 2008  because these strategies have a built-in long volatility bias. 

Traditional investment strategies such as stocks and bonds are implicitly short. Adding CTAs to your portfolio will improve the downside capture ratio and reduce the volatility of your portfolio. 

When the combined portfolio is re-balanced regularly the absolute return can be enhanced at the same time.  CTAs generally do well during periods of macro-economic divergence and rising inflation.    

Medium -Term Manager 15+ Year Track Record 

Multiple award-winning,  systematic CTA manager with a distinctly diversified strategy. 

  • Track record back to 2005. 
  • Highly experienced quant research team. 
  • Combines digital signal processing with pattern recognition
  • Institutional Grade Infrastructure and Compliance 
  • Diversified over 100 contracts
  • Negative Correlation to the S&P 500 (-0.20)
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HY Space – Gold Linked Notes

Gold linked notes offered by international Precious Metals Arbitrage Dealer 

(Offices in Miami, Dubai, HK, & Toronto)

Five-year Gold-linked notes paying 

  • 8% in USD (Min 25K) interest paid Quarterly
  • 8.8% set up as a discounted note (Min 100K)
  • 12% set up as a Private Note. Interest paid Quarterly (Min 250K)

Gold Leasing : 

  • 10% per annum interest paid monthly 

For more information and to obtain the corporation deck and financials follow the link here.

HY – Leveraged Bonds


Leverages an investors initial investment (Min 5M)  in either sovereign or high-quality corporate Bonds (AA rated).  Potential returns in the low to mid double digits with acceptable levels of risk. Strategy is like how banks make money: investors funds are leveraged by borrowing short and lending out to 2-3 Years. 

Final Yield to maturity is dependent on the Net Interest Margin. 

Strategy can be done with Fixed to floaters, inflation-linked bonds, & step-up callable bonds. Excellent way to diversify a fixed income portfolio. Highly flexible and customizable. 

Set up only in a managed account structure. 

For more information follow the link below


Global Equity

Global Equity Manager with a track record back to 1998. 

  • Runs a concentrated portfolio that leverages the ‘low volatility anomaly’ or the ability of low beta stocks to outperform over the long term. 
  • Very distinguished team with FX & IR risk management pedigree.
  • Similar concentrated Total Return Canadian Equity strategy focused on finding businesses that generate positive cash flow throughout the business cycle. 
  • Commonly ranks in the top deciles in terms of both absolute & risk-adjusted returns
  • Index out-performance generated by superior downside capture ratio. 


Other key strategies:

  • CDN Preferred Shares
  • International Equity
  • CDN Small Cap 
  • CDN Fixed Income
  • Fixed income Alts
  • Smart Beta 

These strategies are primarily intended for sophisticated institutional investors or investors that are ‘accredited’ in their respective jurisdictions. 

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