Cap Intro

We maintain active cap introduction relationships with a select number of managers in both the liquid alt & long-only space.

These relationships can be summarized as follows:

Medium Term, award-winning, systematic CTA manager with a distinctly diversified strategy. Track record back to 2005. Highly experienced    quant research team. The strategy combines digital signal processing with pattern recognition. Diversified over 100 contracts.

Same manager will soon launch fully systematic FX trading strategy diversified over 55 currency pairs.

US-based manager with a systematic stock index futures strategy trading 13 global stock index futures contracts.

Standalone manager exclusively focused on the systematic trading of the S&P 500. This strategy is designed to outperform during S&P market drawdowns.

Concentrated systematic FX manager focused on trading 5 major currency pairs.

In the long-only space:

Global Equity Manager with a track record back to 1998. Runs a concentrated portfolio that leverages the ‘low volatility anomaly’ or the ability of low beta stocks to outperform over the long term. Very distinguished team with FX & IR risk management pedigree

Similar concentrated Total Return Canadian Equity strategy focused on finding businesses that generate positive cash flow throughout the business cycle. Commonly ranks in the top deciles in terms of both absolute & risk-adjusted returns.

These strategies are primarily intended for sophisticated institutional investors or investors that are ‘accredited’ in their respective jurisdiction.

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