About Us

FxVolResearch is in the business of providing unbiased, independent, FX options research and analysis.

FxVolResearch produces low risk, high-value option based trade and hedge ideas by drawing on a number of in-house proprietary statistical and technical indicators and one of the largest databases on implied and actual volatility. FxVolResearch adheres to a risk management philosophy that is simple: limited downside risk with maximum upside potential for both long and short volatility strategies.

FxVolResearch has developed a number of systematic trading modules for identifying: undervalued options; determining the likelihood of a breakout from a range; and for identifying periods of non-trending price consolidation. Full subscribers to the website will receive regular trade recommendations and follow-up. Some of these trade recommendations involve the use of standard vanilla options and some involve the first generation exotic options. All of these products are highly liquid, easy to price, revalue, and unwind.

FxVolResearch does not receive any compensation on the basis of business referrals. The research is sold completely on its own merits. This bypasses all of the potential conflicts of interests that can arise in any broker/dealer relationship, particularly one that provides research for ‘free’. Our research is independent, unbiased and where it is systematic, has been thoroughly back tested.  It is not a representation of any particular ‘house’ view or dealers’ positioning.

The company delivers this research over our website with the latest research delivered to our subscribers by email. Our database covers all of the major currency pairs from 1987, including all of the major crosses.

Our clients are FX risk managers, global option banks, regional banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and proprietary traders. Our goal is to help our clients use FX derivatives wisely. Whether you are using options for yield enhancement purposes or to hedge transaction or translation exposures or simply to speculate we want to assist our clients to define clear goals and achieve them.

The proper way to use options is to develop the statistical tools that will give you an edge over the long haul. The best money managers are not risk takers. The best money managers manage their risk. Winning percentage has little relevance to profitable trading. The goal is to make the most money, not have a high winning percentage.  This is accomplished through capital and risk management.

We are able to react to our client’s information and FX research needs quickly by encouraging a two-way dialogue. Subscribing to FxVolResearch is like having an in-house FX options strategist & researcher at a fraction of the cost.

Recommending a trade is easy following it up is hard. Risk management, cash management, capital management, and trade follow-up are what separate FxVolResearch from the rest of the pack.

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