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If exchange rates were stable, predictable, or fluctuated in narrow bands, FX risk management would not play a significant role in Treasury Management.

However, rising volatility in exchange rates, can play havoc with your firm’s bottom line and distract senior management from the core business objectives of your firm.

Developing products and services in an increasingly competitive and interdependent world leaves corporate treasurers with less time to formulate, evaluate, implement and monitor the most prudent and cost-effective hedging strategies.

Specific areas where we can add value are:

Engaging in an independent assessment of a banks/broker dealers options based hedge or vanilla FX  trade ideas

Running staff training seminars covering spot, futures, forwards, and options.

Helping to develop a business’s overall corporate hedging strategy & risk management framework

Outsourcing Transaction Cost Analysis and Balance Sheet Accounting issues

Providing on-going research & market intelligence with on specific regions /or FX rates

FxVolResearch is your ideal outsource partner to address these specialized financial market exposures.

Our fee schedules are flexible to meet your budget and deliver on your risk management objectives.

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