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Trade Ideas

  GBPCAD 6-Jan-2022 GBPCAD Call Hegdge GBPJPY 25-Jan-2021 GBPJPY Strangles GBPUSD 6-Jan-2020 GBPCAD Strangle USDCHF 7-Jan-2019 USDCHF Strangle EURUSD 10-Mar-2022 EUR Strangle USDCHF 1-Feb-2021 USDCHF Strangles CADJPY 13-Jan-2020 CADJPY Put Spread EURUSD 14-Jan-2019 EUR Strangle USDCHF 14-Jul-2022 USDCHF Calendar GBPUSD 8-Feb-2021 GBP Strangle GBPCAD 17-Feb-2020 GBPCAD Strangle USDCHF 1-Feb-2019 CHF Strangle AUDUSD 2-Jun-2022 AUD Call

Trade 2022

EURCAD 16-Mar-2018 EUR Call CAD Put EURCHF 9-Apr-2018 EURCHF Put Spread USDCAD 9-Apr-2018 CAD Butterfly EURGBP 15-Apr-2018 EURGBP Strangle USDMXN 30-Apr-2018 MXN Calendar AUDUSD 5-May-2018 AUD BackSpread EURUSD 3-Jun-2018 EUR Calendar USDMXN 11-Jun-2018 MXN Condor USDJPY 18-Jun-2018 JPY Strangle USDCHF 13-Aug-2018 CHF Strangle EURGBP 20-Aug-2018 EURGBP Strangle USDCHF 5-Nov-2018 CHF Put Spread EURUSD 28-Nov-2018 EUR

Recent FXVol Weekly Examples

The improvement in C$ Fundamentals and Technical indicators : Opportunities in Short Dated Options: Calling the move in the AUD topside: Calling the AUD top:  Break in the C$ Momentum downtrend:  Signs of the end of the MXP consolidation:  EURGBP Momentum breakdown:  and the

Recent Trade ideas

EUR Strangle 14 Jan 2019  CHF Put Spread 5 Nov 2018  MXP Calendar 30 April 2018  EURCAD Put 12 April 2018  CAD Condor 9-April 2018  EURCHF Put Spread  9-April 2018

Market Volatility

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FX Risk Management

If exchange rates were stable, predicable or fluctuated within narrow bands, FX risk management would not play a significant role in Treasury Risk management. However, rising volatility in exchange rates can play havoc with your firm’s bottom line and distract senior management from the core business objectives of you firm. Developing products and services in