Weekly FX Review – May 26, 2017

Weekly FX Review – May 26, 2017

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Weekly FX Review – June 9, 2017

FxVol Research Weekly Weekly FX Review 9 June – 2017 Faster than anticipated, the market has already started to sell off the front end of the MXP risk reversal curve with the sharp decline in the one month and three-month periods. MXP puts are losing some of their premia primarily in the front end. The

Weekly FX Review – June 16, 2017

FxVol Research Weekly Weekly FX Review 16-June – 2017 As we mentioned last week, and the week prior, the tone of Canadian fundamental releases has turned an important corner & this change in sentiment is best reflected in the rise in both short and medium-term bond yields. The chart above is the 5YR Canadian Bond

Weekly FX Review – June 2, 2017

FxVol Research Weekly Weekly FX Review   June 2nd, 2017   Friday’s muted NFP did not change the big picture. Vol is still declining in most asset classes with few exceptions. In the chart above AUD implied volatility is falling faster than the actuals.  The AUD hourly chart above shows more clearly the muted response

Market Volatility

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FX Risk Management

If exchange rates were stable, predicable or fluctuated within narrow bands, FX risk management would not play a significant role in Treasury Risk management. However, rising volatility in exchange rates can play havoc with your firm’s bottom line and distract senior management from the core business objectives of you firm. Developing products and services in